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Make a difference!
Community leaders like you help Direction Service to ensure that children with disabilities, and their families, continue to have access to critical, life changing resources!

And it is community leaders like you who, indeed, share an unparalleled commitment to bring joy, happiness, and create pathways toward stability and success for those who otherwise would be unable.

For over 40 years, Direction Service has provided support to children and families throughout Lane County, including access to individual and family counseling, educational support, Wraparound facilitation, conflict resolution, and a great number of additional resources designed to meet the needs of each unique individual.

Increased demand means that every resource counts! Your gift helps to expand our capacity to meet our community need, and bring families one step closer towards empowerment, confidence and success.

Please make a gift and help a child with a disability today!

Please note: Requests for refund of donation will be honored if Direction Service receives written notification within fifteen (15) days after the donation is processed.

Our mission: "Helping people with disabilities and special needs live full and healthy lives!"
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