Direction Service Award Recipients

The Richard W. Zeller Outstanding Acheivement Award

This award is presented to an individual who, like it’s namesake and our founder Richard Zeller, has distinguished themselves by their extraordinary contributions. Specifically, the award is presented to an individual who: Selfless commitment to advancing opportunities for people with disabilities and their families. Outstanding contribution resulting in significant improvements in both policy and practice. An appreciation and respect for all people that is apparent in every interaction.

Recipients include Richard W. Zeller, Margaret Burley, Gordon Wright, Tom Kelly, Dean Kortge,and most recently longtime Board Director Linda Lewis.

The Marshall Peter Heart and Soul Award

Originally presented by the Board of Directors to Marshall Peter during his nearly four decades of service to Direction Service, this award is presented to an individual who, like Marshall puts their heart and soul into all they do. Recipients approach life with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy, wholeheartedly committing to their values and passion, and creates opportunities for success in those around them.

Recipients include Direction Service Director for over 40 years, Marshall Peter and Megan Shultz, Director of the 15th Night Community Movement.

The Direction Service Visionary Award

A recipient of this award presents courage to hope for a better future, charisma to capture our attention,confidence and wisdom to empower others, and stamina to see their vision fulfilled.

Recipients include Eugene City Manager, Jon Ruiz and Greg Erwin, longtime community leader.


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