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For over 39 years, children with disabilities in Lane County have depended on Direction Service's Family Support and Service Coordination Program. Thousands of families have turned to us in challenging circumstances and received the help they needed. Last year, 717 families received intensive support from this program. Families often tell us "they simply don't know what they would have done without our help." 

Families who have children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable people in our community and are particularly hard hit by current reductions in community services and supports. Not surprisingly, children with disabilities are three times as likely as their peers without disabilities to be physically abused; these families experience very high levels of stress. Presently the Family Support and Service Coordination Program has 4.5 full-time staff working with more than 1,500 families, providing them with the emotional and practical support they need. Amazingly, with such a small staff working with such a large number of families, parents repeatedly tell us that our assistance helps them to be less stressed, more self-reliant and that their child is more likely to be successful in the future. 

Your generous gift will help us to continue empowering the families we support to meet challenges head-on, with a highly skilled and committed advocate at their side. Ultimately, their lives become more manageable and new opportunities emerge. Direction Service has been helping families who have children with disabilities live the fullest lives possible since 1977.

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